Tokayo, the BEST STORE for buying fishing equipment!

Are you a fishing fanatic? You are a newbie to fishing, and you are still considering which rod is suitable for you? Or have you had a passion for fishing for a long time, but you would like to upgrade your equipment? Here’s a good news to share with you, the best fishing tackle provider, Tokayo, has a range of fishing rods, reels, lines, lures and others accessories. Let’s get to know more about Tokayo!

Have you heard of Tokayo? Tokayo is not only a global fishing equipment provider, which has brick-and-mortar stores and E-store, also a group consists of fishingholic.

Tokayo provides fishing equipment and organizes fishing expeditions. They have their own professional fishing boats and anglers, each of them has years of experiences in sailing and serving as captain.

Since it was founded, they have been to many fishing expeditions throughout different places around the world, mainly in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Maldives, and along the coast of the United States as well.

Tokayo X Hearty Rise

Tokayo has been cooperating with Heart Rise (HR), a Taiwanese fishing tackle manufacturer, actively participated in product development and manufacture, including rods, reels, lures, line, apparels and accessories, focusing on the gear for boat fishing.

They aim to create top-notch products that best fit each different regional market. With outstanding technologies of HR, Tokayo has been holding a significant position in the fiercely competitive market.

Aka Shen

Besides, in order to assure the best quality of product, the leader of Tokayo, Aka Shen, who is a hard-core angler, always conducts the experiment of their products as a HR tester, promising that consumers receive the tackle which meet their expectations. We can check out the testing video below.

What’s different between boat fishing and shore fishing?

As we mentioned, Tokayo’s products are mainly designed for boat fishing, do you know that fishing can also be divided into two types: boat fishing and shore fishing? Let’s take a closer look at these two different types of fishing methods and their advantages and disadvantages:

Boat fishing

Boat Fishing

Boat fishing refers to fishing on a boat, where the anglers must take a boat and venture into the middle of the sea or lake for fishing. Typically, the boat is well equipped with freezer, which has enough space to store the lures and caught fish.

The advantage of boat fishing includes the possibility to change the fishing location at will, and move to better spots, avoiding worrying the lines and lures to be entangled in underwater obstacles. What’s more, it is highly likely to catch various kinds of fish in different locations. For many experienced anglers, boat fishing is more adventurous.

However, boat fishing means anglers must spend on renting the boat, and even if they have their own boat, it is still necessary to spend a considerable amount on fuel. Moreover, boat fishing involves more extensive fishing experience and profession, also concerns safety, making it less suitable for the novice angler.

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing simply means fishing from the shoreline, containing lots of forms. Any location with a land-based structures, such as breakwater, pier or beach is considered a spot for shore fishing. Actually, almost any place near the sea can be used for fishing.

shore fishing

Compared to boat fishing, shore fishing is easier than boat fishing, and more accessible for fishing beginners. All that needed is fishing rod, line, lure, most of people also bring a cooler, but no need to spend on renting boat and fuel.

Shore anglers usually spread out along the shore, so there no competition for fishing spots with others anglers and boats. It allows you to stay in one place all day, enjoy fun of fishing and soak up the calmness.

However, shore fishing has some limitations, the range of shore fishing is comparably limited, and hard to move far at any time. While fishing on the shore, it is probably obstructed by the thing along the shore, often resulting in the tangled fishing lines. In addition, fish appear in shallow areas is not that much as in deep areas. It can barely catch large and valuable fish. Due to the limited size of freezing equipment, it is usually not possible to store too much fish either.

Both boat fishing and shore fishing have advantages and disadvantages, and there is no one better than others. It simply depends on preference and affordability. For fishing beginners, shore fishing is more accessible. With increasing fishing experience, you can try to organize an expedition like Tokayo’s anglers and go fishing on the sea, which has potential to catch valuable fish such as tuna and bass!

What’s Tokayo doing? 6 main products for fishing!

After a brief introduction to Tokayo, I believe you now have an initial understanding of the brand. Tokayo’s product focus on slow fishing, which can be categorized into following 6 types:

tokayo rod


Tokayo has more than 20 types of rods, each type has different models depending on length, weight, top, lure, line, etc., mainly for slow jigging.

tokayo reel


Tokayo offers over 25 types of reels and models, differing in terms of Max Drag, weight, line capacity, etc., and most of them made in Japan. Some of them are classified into left-handed and right-handed.

tokayo reel


There are 3 kinds of fishing lines in Tokayo: TOKAYO FIRE PE LINE, TOKAYO FLUORO CARBON 100% and HR APL-80 LINE. Each line is further divided into different models based on length, drag, and weight.

tokayo rod


Lure is an indispensable tool for fishing, and currently Tokayo has at least 10 different types of fishing lure. Some of them are star products and even have hundreds of thousands of sales. Each lure comes in different colors.

tokayo rod


In addition to the tools for fishing, the anglers cannot be lacking of the apparels. Tokayo create various apparels for anglers, including jackets, shirts, shorts, pants, towels, masks, sunglasses, caps and even arm sleeves.

tokayo reel


Other fishing accessories needed can also be found in TOKAYO! This includes hooks, storage boxes, fishing buckets, rings, and etc.

All the products in Tokayo carefully developed and manufactured by Tokayo and HR, in order to meet the different requirements of people who love boat fishing in the world. No matter which types of fishing rod you want, you can find it on Tokayo’s website.

Tokayo provides one-stop service, all fishing tools and accessories can be purchased in Tokayo, and free international shipping is offered on specific items. Join Tokayo VVIP member to enjoy all products 20% off !


The whole series is equipped with Japan FUJI high-strength anti-winding LC guide ring, and equipped with ultra-high anti-friction SIC magnetic ring.

The special ergonomic handle design greatly improves the operating comfort, even if it is used for a long time, it will not feel uncomfortable.

The large reel grip can amplify the rod sensitivity to the handle, and clearly understand the dynamics of the jigs and the bait situation of the target.

The whole body of the rod is painted in gold, creating an extraordinary texture.

Technology of Tokayo X Hearty Rise

Tokayo has collaborated with Hearty Rise (HR). With advanced technologies, Tokayo’s fishing rods are well-known in the market with guaranteed reputation. The reason for such high-quality products is due to the use of the following three techniques by HR, which help to create strong and durable fishing rods:


Being strength and light weight from the inside core

Maximize its rigidity based on the lightest treble blank structure. Improved upon the previous generation of NET-V net-shape carbon structure technology, after continuous engineering and developing, we finally achieved mastery of integrating new technology and materials into our unique and latest NET-V III technology. Adopted treble carbon fiber layers with different slanted directions construction for every joint to maximize its performance.

This idea of “no-seam-style” fishing rods makes it be on the top no matter for its capabilities or weight.

Technology :NET-V III
Technology :DOUBLE HELIX – X


Strengthen the blank structure, the beginning of a new epoch.

With double helix X-shape method, makes the rod blank sturdier, steadier and increases extra 20% on its resilience and reacting force than normal by its double power beef up efforts. Let its users easy to bring its power into full play no matter in casting accuracy or struggling with big fish.


Achieved light weight, strengthen, scratch-resistant and water-repellent features.

Without traditional coating and grinding procedures, this OPP technology can achieve matt surface finished rod without damage the rod surface, which allows it to keep its strength. Except for that, in addition to its unique characteristics makes it being water-repellent, also the matt surface finished rods are scratch-resistant, a slight scratch will not leave a scar on it.

Technology :OPP

Tokayo Fishing Highlights

Tokayo Fishing Highlights

During a boat fishing expedition, Aka and his Tokayo team caught many groupers with Tokayo Slow Jigging III SG LIMITED ROD. This fishing rod has extremely high sensitivity and powerful strength, making it suitable for slow jigging and easy to handle various fish. The successful catches of groupers also showcased angler’s skills in using this rod.

In addition, they used Tokayo Slow Deep III JIG, which has a stable swimming form and sinks slowly in water, attracting more fish, and giving the anglers opportunities to catch big fish.

Tokayo Fishing Highlights

Tokayo provides you with the best fishing tackle!


Tokayo, the BEST STORE for buying fishing equipment!

Are you a fishing fanatic? Have you had a passion for fishing for a long time, but you would like to upgrade your equipment? Here’s a good news to share with you, the best fishing equipment provider, Tokayo, has a range of fishing rods, reels, lines, lures and others accessories. Let’s get to know more about Tokayo!

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