Slow Jigging Reel: Crafting the Perfect Setup for Power in Angling

The slow jigging reel is an essential component for anglers seeking precision and power in their fishing endeavors. With its specialized design and features, this reel provides the perfect setup for slow jigging techniques.

In this article, we explore the significance of the slow jigging reel in enhancing angling performance. We will discuss the reel’s functions, highlighting how it winds the line and adjusts the drag.Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, understanding the importance of the slow jigging reel is key to achieving success in the world of fishing.

What is Slow jigging?

Slow jigging is a popular fishing technique that has emerged in recent years, originating from Japan about a decade ago. It was developed collaboratively by professional anglers and fishing equipment manufacturers in Japan to effectively attract target fish species. Slow jigging is considered a challenging fishing method as it can be applied in different water and yields good results.

Compared to fast jigging, slow jigging involves fishing at a noticeably slower pace and using different types of lures. The unique lure structure of slow jigging, combined with slight manipulation of the fishing line by the angler, creates an up-and-down motion in the water similar to the movements of an injured small fish. This effectively attracts the attention of fish and triggers their attacks.

In contrast to traditional fishing techniques, slow jigging emphasizes slowing down the pace, focusing on details, and employing fishing skills. Anglers must possess professional and proficient techniques and be equipped with specialized gear for slow jigging. This includes a dedicated slow jigging rod, reel, lures, fishing line, and other auxiliary tools. We will discuss later how to choose equipment for slow jigging.

Slow jigging setup: 6 things to be prepared

Are you interested in slow jigging but don’t know where to start? Preparation is key before engaging in any activity, and fishing is no exception! Can you imagine going fishing with empty hands? First, let me introduce the 6 essential items you need to prepare for slow jigging!

Slow Jigging Rod

Slow Jigging Rod

Slow jigging is different from other fishing methods. Firstly, invest in a professional slow jigging rod. A slow jigging rod should have a sensitive tip and a sturdy backbone, allowing you to detect the subtle movements of fish in the sea and effectively control them during the fight.

Slow Jigging Reel

Slow Jigging Reel

Select a high-quality reel that matches the specifications of a slow jigging rod, preferably with a smooth drag system and a high gear ratio (such as 6:1 or higher; the optimal gear ratio for slow jigging is 7.5:1 to 8.3:1). This will help in faster retrieval of the lure, preventing the fish from escaping.

Slow Jigs (Lure)

Slow Jigs (Lure)

Purchase a set of slow jigs specifically designed for slow jigging. Slow jigs typically have a slim and elongated shape to facilitate their slow descent and drifting in the water. They are also usually heavier to attract more fish in the sea.

Fishing Line

Fishing Line

With a fishing rod, it is essential to have a strong and durable fishing line to pair with the jig for capturing large fish. It is recommended using braided fishing line, as it offers excellent sensitivity and strength. Even slight fish bites can quickly transmit vibrations to the fishing rod. Depending on your target species, you can choose a high-pound test fishing line.

Assist Hooks

Assist Hooks

Assist hooks are optional and not essential. Slow jigs typically come with built-in assist hooks or can be paired with separate assist hooks. These assist hooks are very sturdy and sharp, with some designed to be flashy. Using them in conjunction with the jig increases the chances of hooking fish when they bite.



There are also various accessories that can be brought along, such as different types of rings like split rings, solid rings, swivels, and pliers. It is also important to carry a cooler with sufficient capacity to store the caught fish.

These 6 items will provide you with a solid foundation for a slow jigging setup. If you want to catch fish more easily, you must acquire professional fishing gear. Finally, we will introduce several fishing tools you must have!

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What is Slow Jigging Reel? 5 Functions You Must Know

What is Slow Jigging Reel? 5 Functions You Must Know

A fishing reel is a device used for winding and storing fishing line. It serves the following functions:

Line winding

Firstly, this is a well-known feature – line winding. Compared to traditional fishing rods, modern reels can be of great assistance to anglers. Their main function is to quickly retrieve the fishing line, saving time and effort for the angler.

Line control

Secondly, reels provide appropriate tension to the fishing line. Fishing line is not just a simple thin and strong thread. With the assistance of a reel, anglers can effectively handle the fishing line and have better control over its tension, allowing them to cope with sudden pulls when a fish is hooked.

Line storage

The space within the reel can be used to store fishing line. The fishing line is stored in a structured and organized environment, which helps prevent tangling or entanglement. This ensures that the fishing line is kept in good condition for convenient use in the next fishing session.

Drag adjustment

Drag adjustment and control are important functions of a reel. The reel not only facilitates the winding and releasing of the fishing line but also incorporates a drag system that provides resistance when the line is pulled. This helps prevent excessive strain on the fishing line, avoiding line breakage or fish disengagement.

Automatic winding

With the various advancements in reel designs, there are now automatic reels available. Anglers can set parameters such as time and distance, allowing the reel to automatically wind the line under specific conditions. This feature helps alleviate the burden on the angler when operating the reel.

7 Ways to Choose Slow Jigging Reel

7 Ways to Choose Slow Jigging Reel

Now that you understand the importance of a reel, a good reel provides excellent control for anglers, offering the right amount of resistance when a fish is hooked and enabling quick line retrieval. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to choose a good reel, especially with regards to the drag system, which is essential for slow jigging. Below, we will explain the 7 criteria for selecting a slow jigging reel.

1. Reel Type

The type of reel used depends on the fishing method, and reels are typically categorized into two types: spinning reels and conventional reels. For slow jigging, it is recommended to choose a conventional reel as it can handle heavier jigs and assist in the jig’s drifting motion in the water.

2. Reel Weight

During jigging, it is necessary to constantly lift the fishing rod and reel, so a lighter reel is a better choice. A reel weighing around 15 ounces is ideal, but many reels fall within the range of 20 to 25 ounces. Going over 25 ounces can be too heavy and hinder quick line retrieval. However, it is important not to sacrifice the reel’s strength solely to reduce weight.

3. Gear Ratio

The gear ratio affects the speed of line retrieval. A lower gear ratio means faster line retrieval and greater torque. Traditional reels typically have lower gear ratios, ranging from 4.9:1 to 6.3:1. Most slow jigging reels have a gear ratio of 6:1. It is recommended to choose a reel with a lower gear ratio for slow jigging.

4. Line Capacity

The line capacity of a reel is related to the length and thickness of the fishing line. If the target is deep-sea fish, it is crucial to ensure that the reel’s line capacity is sufficient to reach deep into the ocean to handle the fight with deep-sea fish.

5. Drag System

The required drag force during fishing greatly depends on the target fish species. For smaller fish, most reels can meet the demands. However, during slow jigging, which often involves battling larger fish, a reliable drag system is necessary to maintain control and prevent line breakage. Approximately 15 to 30 pounds of drag force is sufficient, while 50 pounds can be used for larger fish species.

6. Ball Bearings

The smoothness and durability of the reel’s gears are supported by bearings as the reel rotates. Therefore, the number and quality of bearings can significantly impact the performance of the reel. When purchasing a reel, it is important to choose one with high-quality bearings to ensure smooth operation and reduced wear and tear.

7. Durability

Slow jigging emphasizes the quality and durability of fishing equipment. It is advisable to choose a reel made of durable materials such as aluminum or high-quality composite materials. It is important to ensure that the chosen material can withstand harsh marine environments and prevent rusting of the reel.

Ready to Slow Jigging? Here are the Best Slow Jigging Reel!

Are you ready for slow jigging? If you haven’t found the right reel yet, we have some recommendations for you! Here are three best-selling reels from Tokayo. If you haven’t purchased a reel yet, hurry up and place your order now!

tokayo reel Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven L50PW/L&L50PW/R-BB(20)/AE85EVA

Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven BH-L50 Pw/R

  • For Slow Jigging
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Gear Ratio: 5.3:1 (93cm)
  • Line Capacity: PE3-(500m) / PE4-(400m)
  • Drag: lb / 13 kg
  • Made in Japan
tokayo reel Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven L80PW/R-BB&L80PW/L-BB(21)/AE100EVA

Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven BH-L80 Pw/R

  • For Slow Jigging
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Gear Ratio: 4.9:1 (95cm)
  • Line Capacity: PE2-(1200M) / PE3-(800M) / PE4-(600M) / PE5-(550M)
  • Drag: lb / 14 kg
  • Made in Japan
tokayo reel Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven L100PW/R-BB&L100PW/L-BB(21)/AE100EVA

Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven BH-L100 Pw/R

  • For Slow Jigging
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Gear Ratio: 5.3:1
  • Line Capacity: PE3-(1000M) / PE4-(750M) / PE5-(600M) / PE6-(500M) / PE8-(400M)
  • Drag: lb / 14 kg
  • Made in Japan

For Slow Jigging, you also need……

Do you remember the preparations we discussed for setting up slow jigging? If you haven’t forgotten, you must know that besides a reel, we also need a rod, lure, fishing line, assisted hook, and other accessories. You can find all these equipment at Tokayo! Let’s recommend Tokayo’s products to you, where you can get all the fishing gear you need in one go!

Slow Jigging Rod

tokayo reel Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven L50PW/L&L50PW/R-BB(20)/AE85EVA

Slow Jigging III SG limited rod

  • 3 different types
  • Japan ultra-high-density nano-carbon fiber material of rod body ( 95% carbon)
  • FUJI T-DPS reel seat
  • Japan FUJI high-strength anti-winding LC guide ring & ultra-high anti-friction SIC magnetic ring.
  • Special ergonomic handle design
tokayo reel Studio Ocean Mark Z-JAPAN Blue Heaven L80PW/R-BB&L80PW/L-BB(21)/AE100EVA

Slow Jigging III SE

  • 8 different types
  • Japan ultra-high-density nano-carbon fiber material of rod body ( 95% carbon)
  • FUJI T-DPS reel seat
  • FUJI K series ALCONITE guide
  • DOUBLE HELIX-X deepening technology throughout the rod
  • Special ergonomic handle design

Slow Jigs (Lure) and Line

Tokayo Slow Deep III Jig

Slow Deep III Jig

  • 14 different types in 8 colors
  • Jig for strong flows and deepwater regions
  • Triangle cosmetic design with higher dropping rate
  • High stability while reeling with the groove design at the back


  • 5 different sizes in 2 length
  • Weaved by super slim fibers
  • Super low ductility and super sensitive
  • Strong wear resistance

Assisted Hook and Accessories


Keen Power Assisted Hook for Giant SJA-50

  • 4 different sizes: 5/0, 7/0, 9/0, 11/0
  • Higher carbon steel material which is ultra strong and ultra light
  • Nickel Silver Black (NSB) finish protecting it from saltwater corrosion
  • Single hook design increases the flexibility

Fishing Bucket wuth Rod Holder HB-2711

  • L 20 x W 20.5 x H 23 cm, 1 kg, made of EVA
  • Transparency design which can be input a pump with water line as a live fish carrier
  • A rack on the side of bucket for laying fishing rod on
  • A pouch for the pump and a buckle on it
  • The handle is enhanced

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Slow Jigging Reel Related Questions

Tokayo Slow Jigging Reel


Tokayo Sdn Bhd – is a company with its own professional fishing boats and anglers. Having years of experiences in sailing and serving as captain. We been to many fishing expeditions throughout different places around the world. We cooperate and actively participate with the development of products. As we aim to create products that will meet the needs of the market. We have the latest and greatest technology that allows us to stay competitive and on top in this industry.

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Slow Jigging Reel: Crafting the Perfect Setup for Power in Angling

The Slow Jigging Reel is an essential component for anglers seeking precision and power in their fishing endeavors. In this article, we explore the significance of the Slow Jigging Reel in enhancing angling performance.

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